The about bit

Marco Flammang

I learned my trade – at least the early steps – from Bavarian photo artist Reinhard F. Grill and spent a fair amount of my late teens trapped in a DIY darkroom that also served as the only bathroom of the apartment I lived in at the time. A few years later, by the end of the nineties, I had the great honour to spend my post-grad terms at the University of Sussex and study with the great David Alan Mellor, whose previous students included Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller.

After attending journalism school and focusing on writing, I picked up my first full-time job at a newly founded publishing house, where I didn’t just find the opportunity to work as an editor; for the lack of available (i.e. inexpensive) alternatives, I was given photo assignments that eventually put me on the market for literature photography. This part of my work life expanded over the years, getting me published in numerous German papers such as FAZ and getting hired by magazines such as Playboy for commissioned arts feature photos.

Marco Flammang
Photo by Ben Kaulfus, summer 2018.

Then, for some reason, there was a long break from all this when I co-founded an advertising agency that initially didn’t feature heavily on image production – until we picked up on using 360 technology for marketing and storytelling ten years later and I returned to my home town. Having stuck with analogue cameras for years, I bought my first Sony α7, a digital dream machine that got me back to where I started. Taking pictures of people, artists and companies, I still prefer taking a long walk over a sterile studio environment. So if you or your business need some exceptional shots, maybe you want to come along for an urban photo tour. Give us a shout for our current pricing and anything else you may want to know!